Indian Lake Elementary

ALL students will need to bring 2 recent proofs of residency with them either to New Student Registration on July 20 from 9 AM-12 PM or to the Evening Registrations on July 25 or 26 from 4:00-7:00. (Cell phone bills cannot count.)


For NEW students, it would be great to have the online registration portion through Skyward completed before New Student Registration on July 20th from 9:00-12:00.  (for any student new to ILE - including transfers from other Sumner County Schools) if possible.  If not, staff will be here to help that day.   


Please complete the two steps below - online registration AND printing,completing, and bringing the papers in step 2 with you to the Evening Registrations.  

Step 1:  Complete this online registration:

This link is for GUIDANCE for NEW STUDENTS to Sumner County (Kindergarten students for whom this has not yet been completed, students returning from private or home school, or students coming from other districts)  file:///C:/Users/ondie.mitchell/Downloads/New%20Student%20Online%20Registration%20Guide%20-%20Skyward%207.15.20.pdf    ***This link will is now live. ***


This link will give you GUIDANCE on registering a RETURNING student:  (students who were at ILE OR another Sumner County School last year OR students who have siblings in school already)



Step 2:    Then, please print and complete these forms to bring with you on your assigned registration evening along with 2 proofs of residency (Kindergarten parents who provided these in April and those who provided these at New Student Registration on July 20 do not have to bring these again on the evenings.)  Click here for forms to complete ahead of time...  IF you have already turned in the blue registration card in the Spring, you do not have to re-do that one.  



The Sumner County Policy Manual can be found online as well at by clicking this link:


Click here to read the School Attendance Law...







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