Indian Lake Elementary
Board Policy Manual

J - Students

School Admission



December 5, 1989

Last Revised
May 17, 2016

A. Any student entering school for the first time must present:

  1. An official birth certificate of date of birth at the time of registration; (See TCA 49-6-3008(b)). The name used on the records of a student entering school must be the same as that shown on the birth certificate unless evidence is presented that such name has been legally changed through a court as prescribed by law.
  2. Evidence of a current medical examination. (See TRR/MS 0520-1-3-.08(2)(a)) There shall be a complete medical examination of every student entering school for the first time.  This applies to kindergarten, first grade and other students for whom there is no health record; and
  3. Evidence of state-required immunization.  No child shall be admitted to school without proof of immunization except those who are exempt by statue as provided in TCA 49-6-5001.
  4. If the person enrolling the child, cannot after being given a reasonable amount of time, provide a birth certificate of any sort or documents granting custody, the matter shall be referred to the Attendance Department to insure that the person presenting the child is in-fact a parent of or legal guardian of the child. No child shall be deprived of an education while such matters are resolved.

B.  A child must reside in Sumner County with the primary residential custodial parent or residential guardian to attend Sumner County Schools. See Policy JBCCA for exceptions. Parents must notify the school principal if the child ceases to reside in Sumner County.


C.  A photo ID is requested to identify the parent/guardian enrolling a child.


D.  Two (2) documents establishing proof of residence are required:


       1.  Legal document/lease showing proof of residency for specific address (Notary public or typed/hand written letters from the land owner are not accepted.)


       2.  Current invoice/bill (electric, gas, water, landline telephone) assigned to a specific address and the primary custodial parent/guardian.  (Cell phone bill is not accepted.)

Sumner County School District shall allow any physically present  student to register and begin classes with the understanding all of the above requirements must be completed and filed with the school within three (3) school days.  At the end of the school day on the third (3rd) day, if the required documentation has not been turned into the school administrative office, the Attendance Department will be notified to check for proof of residency.  The Attendance Department shall investigate and determine further action based on results. 


A Truant Officer may verify a student’s residency at any time during the school year. During any such investigation, the child shall continue to attend school.


When it can be determined that a child is not residing in Sumner County and the parent has obtained educational services by fraud or deceit including the filing of false documents, the Director of Schools shall examine the proof and determine whether the matter should be referred to the District Attorney General for prosecution and/or the the school attorney for a civil suit for the tuition due from out-of-county students.


  1. TCA 49-6-3008(b)
  2. TRR/MS 0520-1-3-.08(2)(a).
  3. TCA 49-6-5001(c)

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